Teaching Experience

1. Teaching Assistant (TA) of Engineering Economy, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (Fall 2015-Present)

After a successful experience at Ilam University, I continued my journey as a teaching assistant at AUT. In the first semester I had one class to teach and in the second semester the was two classes of 30 students.

2. Teaching Assistant (TA) of Statics, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran (Summer 2015)

Gaining high confidence in Statics after getting the ace mark in my second semester, I applied for being the teaching assistant of Statics in summer 2015. My application was approved and my journey as I teaching assistant at a university has started. I was in charge of teaching a class of 25 undergraduate students, as well as giving quizzes and grading final papers. Although I am good at giving public speeches, managing this number of students for the first time was not so easy. I am glad that I gained the ability to manage the class after a short time.

3. Tutor of high school Physics and Mathematics (2012-2014)

After being admitted to Ilam University, I was well aware of the fact that, my good knowledge of high school Physics and Math should not be abandoned. Therefore, I have had several students whom I helped to learn Math and Physics more precisely and grade well in their exams. It is noteworthy that, I have kept my bonds with Chemistry through research projects in Concrete Lab.