1. A Short Biography

In 2005, I was admitted to NODET School (National Organization for Developing Exceptional Talents). During High School, I focused mostly on Chemistry and Mathematics courses and acted as the head of a research team. We embarked on studying Galvanic Cells under Mr.Hejazi’s supervision and it helped us to qualify for the final round of NODET National Chemistry Competition 2010 in Ahwaz, Iran where we managed to rank 8th among 50 competitive teams. This achievement was followed by Ilam University Award (2011) as one of the  talented high school students of the Ilam province.

As an extracurricular activity, I have endeavoured to improve computer skills via Visual Basic Programming which in turn paved the way for participating in a research study in subsequent years at Amirkabir University of Technology.

During high school I kept on physical activities especially playing basketball. Between 2010 and 2011, I reached the pinnacle of my career as the Point Guard of my teams which resulted in a Bronze and a Gold Medal in High Schools Basketball Competition and Province Basketball Competition, respectively. Meanwhile, I was a member of Ilam City Basketball Team during that time. 

In 2012, I ranked 1860 out of 70,000 participants in the 3rd region of Iran in Nation-Wide University Entrance Exam. I was admitted to Ilam University. A year after that for my rank in Nation-Wide University Exam as well as my outstanding performance during first year of study in Ilam University, I was accepted by Amirkabir University of Technology, which is one of the top 3 universities in Iran.

I am currently an undergraduate student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. I have conducted research studies in construction management major. The first one concentrating on Construction Using Building Information Modeling. The next research study which I joined was focusing on Decision Models to Support Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction from Transportation Construction Projects. Furthermore, since I was attracted to Financial Management, in the winter semester of 2015, I took the graduate course of Financial Management and Project Accounting followed by Engineering Economy. These courses provided me with a set of precious knowledge which led me to conduct a research study on different securities especially Sukuk Securities. I have obtained work experience in nonstructural lightweight concrete through a research study which ended up in ranking in top 10 teams in 7th National Concrete Competition 2014, Tehran, Iran.

My strong eagerness toward Data Mining led me to join a research study in the field of transportation management concentrating on Use of Smartphones for Road Roughness Condition Estimation.

Since summer 2015, I have started my Teaching Assistantship at Ilam University. For being the Teaching Assistant of Statics, my teaching and communication skills within an academic environment have improved. 

2. Aims and Reasons to Choose Management

Being a member of a family who owns a successful constructing company for over four decades has attracted me to the civil engineering field of study from my early childhood. Spending a considerable share of my time in Ilam Jadeh Company throughout my life, I have realized  what make a company successful are the eligible management team and the leadership of its owners. I believe in 21st century learning team work and management skills academically accompanied by working experience proved to be crucial than ever, since intense competitive environment is getting more intense.

It goes without saying that Construction Industry plays a significant role in development of third world countries. On the other hand, lack of well-educated and qualified managers within this industry has led to many malfunctioning such as 11 years delay on average and over-budgeting in most of the construction projects. I hold that, my home country, Iran does not grapple with paucity of specialists. It is indeed the lack of effective managers which is actually the lacuna building block of  the whole industry. During the recent years, the macroeconomic policy of Iran has altered on the favour of Privatisation; therefore, a considerable number of public companies are transferring to private sector and this trend, needless to say calls for more effective managers.

Having considered what stated above, one can conclude that since unlike developed nations the whole industry and economy of a third world country are easily effected by any change to the betterment or in the opposite direction, it would be fully vital to have accountable managers in such countries. In addition, since my childhood, I have witnessed the approachable management of my father over the Ilam Jadeh Company and subconsciously an ardent love toward being a pro-active, motivating, dedicated, decisive, authentic manager has flourished in my heart and I hope to have my dreams realized some day.

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